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Techsolutions is a leading supplier of solutions for Asset Tracking and Asset Management. SmartAsset is our core solution and is the ideal solution for keeping your asset register up to date, by linking each physical asset and its location to its financial information. SmartAsset is Cloud based and have been integrated into Syspro and SAP. For some clients, we have extended the functionaly of SmartAsset to include the management of inspection and maintenance of assets.

Techsolutions also provide solutions for supply chain management which includes vehicle access control, tracking of goods, inventory management and tracking of returnable assets such as pallets and railway cars. RFID technology enables the real time update and location of inventory.

We also provide solutions for securing and protecting assets. AssetSentinel montors assets in real time and provides an alert if assets are moved without authorisation. Techsolutions have a strong team of engineers and have implemented projects in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Swaziland and Mozambique. Our solutions utilise multiple technologies including barcode, active RFID, passive RFID, real time location systems and GPS. We are not limited to any particular technology or vendor and we select the appropriate technology or combination of technologies based on the problem which needs to be solved.

Techsolutions is a member of the South African Bureau of Standards' committee (SC71K) on auto-identification and a member of Global Standards One.
We have partnered with the best in class global leaders for the various hardware components which we utilise in our solutions. Our selection of partners is based on price/performance as well as support. Techsolutions focuses on the following hardware:
  • Active RFID readers and tags
  • Passive RFID readers and tags
  • Mobile handheld barcode and RFID scanners
  • Asset tags which include barcode and RFID tags
  • Smart Labels with RFID chips
Where we were not successful in finding suitable hardware, we develop our own hardware. Our first Long Range UHF reader, the LR100, was released in 2005 with IP65 packaging and integrated antenna. This reader was designed for vehicle applications such as weighbridge automation, parking, tolling and access control. These applications are challanging as it requires a long read range and operate in rain and lightning while being able to read vehicles travelling at up to 160km/h. Our latest version, the LR100 Gen 2, uses an improved antenna design and runs on Linux using Raspberry Pi.
Techsolutions provide all the services related to succefull implementation or barcode and RFID solutions: Site Assessment, specification, Project Management, Procurement, Implementation, Commissioning, Training and Support.

We also provide an bureau service to clients which encode and barcode print RFID labels with globally unique numbers. Our print capacity is 10,000 units per day.
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